Event Planning

Event planning is at the heart of our expertise. We design unique and memorable events tailored to your needs and goals. Organizing events is an effective strategy to bring your business closer to its clientele, creating memorable moments and providing enriching experiences.

Hosting events is an effective strategy to bring your business closer to its clientele. By creating memorable moments and offering enriching experiences, you can convey positive emotions to your clients. This approach can strengthen your sales and foster customer loyalty. Additionally, organizing events can help expand your B2B network and promote a positive brand image.

Within your company, events can also play a crucial role in strengthening bonds among employees, fostering teamwork, and creating a sense of belonging to the organization. It’s also an opportunity to show appreciation to your employees.


« We do not remember the days; we remember the moments. » - Cesare Pavese

Representation at trade shows
Grand openings
Networking events
Business launches
Product launches
5@7 (Networking Events)

By working with an agency like Ora, you can organize a variety of events, whether they are intended for an external or internal audience. This allows you to create unique moments that will help your business stand out and strengthen its relationships with clients and employees.

Looking for a specialized event agency in Quebec? Our experienced team accompanies you in the realization of your event projects. Create unforgettable experiences with our expertise.